Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One elder sister AnYiXuan matches the limelight with diamond fashionable jewelry collocation sexy dress

A the elder sister's matches the limelight of hua AnYiXuan recently huayi contract. AnYiXuan wearing sexy sequins outfit skirt with shoulder-straps dress collocation diamond fashionable jewelry all show their elegance identity. Now he and U show fashion women a look small make up the nets AnYiXuan fashionable dress collocation let your dinner dress up also has a little inspiration.

With a "Taiwan one elder sister series called" the laudatory name of AnYiXuan its fashionable dress collocation also is special skill is! You see its collocation also is very good fashionable jewelry! Diamond necklace and flower design match is so ring high elegance.


Sequins outfit dress but this year most can't ignore dress collocation of one of design, AnYiXuan in bright piece of condole belt dress collocation with 42 inches long legs of the invincible studded knee-high boots is so sexy and enchanting.


Wearing a double-breasted design wipes bosom skirt style of dress collocation small diamond fashionable jewelry display a fashionable, elegant nobility.

High dish hair collocation a folding of the inclined shoulder dress is so dazzling and fashion, you see this kind of inclined shoulder fold dress makes AnYiXuan display more elegant and sexy stylish rider. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

You can still obtain a slim figure if you choose the right pants


(Miranda Kerr)
Modelling single product: feet long money dust coat jeans pants modelling window: hot mama Miranda · Chloe's street shoot modeling is always very attraction. Handsome agile grows dust coat, tight jeans has played a very good modification. And ankle boots effective shouted figure scale, super show high oh

Nina · du husband 

(Nina Dobrev) Nina
Modelling single product: west shoes modelling window: popular American drama "vampire diaries" actress, sweet looks have been very likable oh ~ case grain suit agile have a type. White T-shirt and blue jeans clean dress very denounce happy event, rivets shoes much a grumbling but feel

Sunday, November 6, 2011

40 s antique table watches are very popular now

Vintage Officer wrist watch

Vintage Officer wrist watch have professional level program function, the simple modelling, high quality material and exquisite modify the more dash forward show elegant style.

Bell & Ross brand new VINTAGE series

Bell & Ross brand new VINTAGE series

Silver ray grain dial with old wrist watch modified echo, light reflection effects have implicative, match with color steel pointer, digital and time-scale, visual effect is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Bell & Ross brand new VINTAGE series

Elegant black rays grain dial and steel pointer, digital and time-scale comparative and intense, showed clear degree also outstanding, don't reduce elegant implicative style. Match line to alligator strap, dash forward show senior wrist watch wind model.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colorful socks to bring you the colorful 2011 winter

Restore ancient ways in do not lose fashionable vogue style

Restore ancient ways in do not lose fashionable vogue style

The red and white color shoes with thick hit collage, deserve a church rococo art/spend stockings, restore ancient ways in do not lose fashionable vogue style, socks and black front of natural to form bright contrast, make crus look more slender.

Lovely denim explanation sandals

Lovely denim explanation sandals

Lovely denim explanation sandals, stars in gray socks foil below, the sunshine girl youth flavor be vividly portrayed, sox mouth lovely flanging, is absolutely your outfit is tender must kill skills.

Full of fairy tales like lovely and nifty

Full of fairy tales like lovely and nifty

Ever with lovely lotus leaf flanging socks to match favorite Nike running shoes? And powder of powder blue, the visionary white, make exercise also full of fairy tales like lovely and nifty it.